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Labels are an integral part of packaging. They are the windows of a package; allowing one to ‘see’ what is on the inside. It is therefore very important that labels be as secure as possible. Our Tamper Evident Labels are just that, any attempt to peel them off will result in the words, ‘OPEN’ or ‘VOID’ being displayed. These one-time use Tamper Evident Labels are equipped with a high quality-bonding agent that can stick to most surfaces. Out Tamper Evident Labels are available in three variants to suit your needs,

  1. Total Transfer
  2. Partial Transfer
  3. Non-transfer

A wide range of customizations is possible with our Tamper Evident Labels. We can code them with unique serial numbers or barcodes or even your personal branding details.

The possible areas of application of our Tamper Evident Labels are innumerable, including but not limited to,

  • Restricting the movement or discouraging unauthorized entry
  • For the safe movement of gold and other precious metals
  • In flight security
  • In aircraft and vehicle security
  • On charity collection boxes and many more