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Envelopes are, easily, the most common document carriers. However, when the information sensitive, the risk of tampering becomes very really and can have manifold repercussions. Use our Tamper Evident Envelopes to cut down that risk. Our Tamper Evident Envelopes are extremely sturdy, durable, peel and seal envelopes that leave a clear and indelible mark when opened. Complete optical opacity further ensures maximum confidentiality. Any attempt to open the Tamper Evident Envelope results in the word ‘VOID’ appearing along the seam.

As an extra measure of security, our Tamper Evident Envelopes include a combination of sequential numbers and barcodes on both the envelope and the tear-off receipt.


Tamper Evident EnvelopsTheir usage spectrum is wide, including but not limited to,

  • Government offices
  • Governmental agencies
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • The Military
  • The Defense industry
  • The Aviation industry
  • Laboratories and other research facilities
  • Medical institutions
  • The Pharmaceutical industry
  • The Bullion industry
  • The Hospitality industry


In a nutshell, when sending sensitive or classified information or something precious, use our Tamper Evident Envelopes to shroud it in an extra layer of durability and security.